Auricular Reconstruction por Francoise Firmin

April 25, 2019

Auricular Reconstruction por Francoise Firmin

Titulo del libro: Auricular Reconstruction

Autor: Francoise Firmin

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 23, 2016

Número de páginas: 376 páginas

ISBN: 9781626236844

Editor: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc

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This book details the surgical techniques of Dr. Francoise Firmin, a recognized thought leader in auricular surgery. It contains her \\\trade secrets\\\" which have been distilledover many years of practice and is abundantly illustrated with more than 1,500 color photographs and drawings. With operative and lecture videos included, this practical,authoritative book is an essential purchase to all surgeons who operate on the ear.

Distillation of world-famous ear surgeon Francoise Firmin\\\'s life work
Packedwithsurgicalpearls, hints and tips and guidanceforgettingthebestpossibleresults
Heavilyillustratedwithover 1,500 full-color drawings and photographs
Includesoperative videos, lectures and slides


Part I: Two-Stage Autologous Auricular Reconstruction 1 Principles of Two-Stage Autologous Ear Reconstruction 2 Stage I: Reproduction of the Missing Contours 3 Stage II:Creation of the Retroauricular Sulcus

Part II: Total and Subtotal Defects 4 Congenital Malformations 5 Particular Cases of Microtia 6 Acquired Posttraumatic Defects 7 Acquired Defects

Part III Management of Unfavorable Conditions 8 Secondary Cases 9 Complications 10 Auricular Prosthesis

Part IV Management of Acquired Partial Defects 11 Analysis and Principles of Management 12 Reconstruction With Conchal and Costal Cartilage 13 Particular Cases ofAcquired Partial Defects

Part V Minor Anomalies 14 Anomalies of the Upper Part of the Ear 15 Other Anomalies

Part VI Aesthetic Variations 16 Prominent Ears 17 Complications After Otoplasty Epilogue Index"